Texas Elections

for 2018

Primary election is March 6th with the runoff on May 22nd

General election is on 11/6/18. Deadline to register for this election is October 9, 2018

Check if you’re registered to vote at Voter Registration Status.

Register to vote by downloading the voter registration form at Get the form, OR pick up the form at Voter Registration form at your county voter registrar’s office or at other locations such as libraries, government offices, or high schools.

Get your polling place at Poll Location.

Get your sample ballot at Sample Ballot Lookup.

Special Elections Notes: District 13 in the House of Representatives has a special election. Cecil R. Webster Sr. is unopposed in the Texas House of Representatives District 13 Democratic primary election. This election is May 5th.

General Elections Notes: Texas has an open primary election is on March 6, 2018. A primary runoff election is on May 22, 2018. The general election is on November 6, 2018.

Federal Level

President: There is NO candidate running for president in 2018

Senator: There are 3 Democratic candidates running in the primary for the senate in 2018, on March 6. They are:

Sema Hernandez; Edward Kimbrough;  and Beto O’Rourke – U.S. Rep.

US Congress: Heading into the November 6 election, the Republican Party holds 25 of the 36 congressional seats from Texas. Please vote for your Democratic candidate, if there is one.

Find your representative here.

State Level

Executive: There are 9 candidates running for Governor, in the Democratic primary.

All primaries are on March 6, the run-offs are May 22, and the general is on Nov. 6 of 2018.

The candidates are: Adrian Ocegueda; Andrew White; Cedric Davis;Grady Yarbrough;;James Jolly Clark;JeffreyPayne;Joe Mumbach; Lupe Valdez – Dallas County Sheriff; and Thomas Wakely

The Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor are: Mike Collier and Michael Cooper.

The only Democratic candidates running for Attorney General: Justin Nelson

The only Democratic candidate running for Agriculture Comminssion: Kim Olson

The 2 Democratic candidates running for Public Land Commission Miguel Suazo and Tex Morgan

State Congress:

To check your senate and the house district. Enter your address, then select from district type.

There are 31 senate seats but only 15 are up for election in 2018. See the list of candidates.

All 150 seats of the Texas State House are up for election. See the list of candidates.

Please vote for the Democratic candidate that represents your district.

Ballot Measures: As of now, there are NO state wide ballot measures in the 2018 election

Municipal Elections: