South Carolina Election

for 2017

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Register to vote by downloading the voter registration form at Get the form,

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There is NO Early voting in South Caroling but there is absentee voting.

Registration deadline is Oct. 08, 2016

Please vote the entire Democratic ticket

Federal Level

President: There is NO candidate running for president in 2017

Senator: There is NO candidate running for the senate in 2017.

US Congress: There is NO US House of Representatives race in 2017

State Level

There is 1 House election in 2017 for Mick Mulvaney 5th district seat. The Democrat candidate  is Archie Parnell.

The general election is on June 20, 2017

State Executive Level

Governor: Ralph Northam vs. Tom Perriello

Lt. Governor: Justin Fairfax, Gene Rossi, Susan Platt

Atty. General: Mark Herring

State Congressional Level

None of the 40 state senate seats are up for reelection in 2017

All 100 delegate seats are up for (re)election. They will run in the primary and general elections on June 13th and Nov. 7th.

Counties Level:

There are NO clerks of the Court, County attorneys, Sheriffs, Treasurer, 95 Board of Supervisors, 88 School Boards in 2017.

Municipal Level:

There are NO municipal elections in Virginia during 2017.