Ohio Elections

for 2018

General election is on Nov. 06, 2018.

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Voter registration dead line is:

  • In-Person: 30 days before Election Day.
  • By Mail: 30 days before Election Day.
  • Online: ???

Early Voting Begins October 11, 2017 and includes the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before the November 7th election and ends on Monday, November 6th. The hours on Monday are 8 am to 2 pm.

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Federal Level

President: There is NO candidate running for president in 2018

Senator: The 1 democratic candidate running for the senate in 2018 is

Sherrod Brown Incumbent

US Congress: All 16 districts are up for re-election in Ohio for the US House of Representatives.

The democratic Candidates that are running from the 13 districts in Ohio are:

District 1:Aftab Pureval; District 2: Jill Schiller ; District 3: Joyce Beatty Incumbent; District 4:Janet Garrett; District 5: John Michael Galbraith; District 6: Shawna Roberts; District 7: Ken Harbaugh; District 8:Vanessa Enoch ; District 9:Marcy Kaptur Incumbent ; District 10: Theresa Gasper; District 11: Marcia Fudge Incumbent; District 12: Danny O’Connor; District: 13Tim Ryan Incumbent; District14: Betsy Rader; District15:Rick Neal; District16: Susan Moran Palmer

State Level

State Executive Level

Governor: Richard Cordray

Lt. Governor: Stephanie Dodd

Atty. General: Steven Dettelbach

Sec. of State: State Rep.Kathleen Clyde

State Congressional Level

State Senate:

17 seats of the 33 state Senate are up for re-election in 2018: The Democratic candidates are:

District 1:Adam Papin; District 3:Tina Maharath; District 5:Paul Bradley; District 7:Sara Bitter; District 9:Cecil Thomas (I); District 11:Teresa Fedor; District 13:Sharon Sweda; District 15:Hearcel Craig; District 17:Scott Dailey; District 19:Louise Valentine; District 21:Sandra Williams (I); District 23:Nickie Antonio; District 25:Kenny Yuko (I); District 27:Adam VanHo; District 29:Lauren Friedman; District 31:Melinda Miller; District 33:John Boccieri.

State House of Representatives:

All 99 of the state House seats are up for re-election in 2018. Please vote for the Democratic candidate, if there is one.

State Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court of Ohio is the state’s highest  court. It is composed of seven justices: six justices and a chief justice. The democratic candidate running for the Supreme Court is

Michael P. Donnelly

State Appellate Court:

All 23 appellate court judges will run for re-election in 2018. The Democratic candidates are:

1st district: Cunningham’s Seat Ginger Bock;

Deter’s Seat Candace Crouse;

Miller’s Seat Pierre Bergero;

Zayas-Davis’ Seat Marilyn Zayas (I);

2nd district: there are No democrats running;

3rd district: there are No democrats running;

4th district: Valarie Gerlach

5th district: Patricia Delaney (Incumbent)

6th district:Joel Kuhlman

7th district: David A. D’Apolito;

8th district: Boyle’s Seat Mary Boyle (Incumbent, unopposed);

Celebrezze’s Seat Frank Celebrezze (Incumbent, unopposed);

Gallagher’s Seat Eileen T. Gallagher (Incumbent, unopposed);

McCormack’s Seat Michelle Sheehan;

9th district:Diana Colavecchio;

10th district:Laurel Beatty Blunt (Unopposed);

11thdistrict: Mary Jane Trapp;

Municipal Elections: