North Carolina Elections

for 2018

General election is on Nov. 06, 2018.

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Voters registration dead line is:

  • In-Person: 25 days before Election Day.
  • By Mail: Postmarked 25 days before Election Day.
  • Online: N/A

Early voting starts the 3rd Thursday before Election Day and ends the Saturday before Election Day.

Federal Level

President: There is NO candidate running for president in 2018

Senator: There are NO candidate running for the senate in 2018.

US Congress:

The democratic Candidates that are running from the 13 districts in North Carolina are:

District1:G. K. Butterfield Incumbent ; District2: Linda Coleman ; District3: No democrat; District4:David Price Incumbent; District5: Denise Adams; District6:Ryan Watts ; District7: Kyle Horton; District8:Frank McNeill ; District9:Dan McCready ; District10: David Wilson Brown; District11: Phillip Price; District12: Alma Adams Incumbent; District13: Kathy Manning

State Level

State Executive Level

There are no state executive offices up for election in North Carolina in 2018.

State Congress Level:

State Senate:

All 50 Senate seats are up for election in 2018. North Carolina state senators serve 2 year terms, with all seats up for election every two years.

District 1:D. Cole Phelps; District 2:Ginger Garner; District 3:Erica Smith-Ingram (I); District 4:Milton F. Fitch, Jr. (I); District 5:Donald Davis (I); District 6:Joseph Webb; District 7:Barbara Dantonio; District 8:David Sink Jr.; District 9:Harper Peterson; District 10:Vernon Moore; District 11:Albert Pacer; District 12:Howard Baldwin; District 13:John Campbell; District 14:Dan Blue (I); District 15:Jay Chaudhuri (I); District 16:Wiley Nickel; District 17:Sam Searcy; District 18:Mack Paul; District 19:Kirk DeViere; District 20:Floyd McKissick (I); District 21:Ben Clark (I); District 22:Mike Woodard (I); District 23:Valerie Foushee (I); District 24:J.D. Wooten; District 25:Helen Probst Mills; District 26:William McCaskill; District 27:Michael Garrett; District 28:Gladys A. Robinson (I); District 29:Cheraton Love; District 30:Jen Mangrum; District 31:John Motsinger Jr.; District 32:Paul Lowe (I); District 33:Geoffrey Hoy; District 34:Beniah McMiller; District 35:Caroline Walker; District 36:Mark Shelley; District 37:Jeff Jackson (I); District 38:Mujtaba Mohammed; District 39:TBD; District 40:Joyce Waddell (I); District 41:Natasha Marcus; District 42:Ric Vandett; District 43:Altriese Price; District 44:David Lee Lattimore; District 45:Brandon Anderson; District 46:Art Sherwood; District 47:David Wheeler; District 48:Norm Bossert; District 49:Terry Van Duyn (I); District 50:Bobby Kuppers.

State House of Representatives:

All 120 House seats are up for election in 2018. North Carolina state representatives serve 2 year terms, with all seats up for election every two years. Please vote for the Democratic candidate to represent you, if there is one.

Supreme Court and Appellate Judges:

The Supreme Court of North Carolina is the state’s highest  appellate court and is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The court consists of six associate justices and one chief justice, although the number of justices has varied from time to time.

I could not locate the candidate that are running against these 2 candidates, but I would NOT support Barbara Jackson since she has been endorsed by some of the more conservative groups.

Sam Ervin
Barbara Jackson 

School District Elections:

2018 North Carolina School Board Elections
District Primary Election General Election Runoff Election Regular term length Seats up for election Total board seats 2015-16 enrollment
Cumberland County Schools N/A 11/6/2018 N/A 4 3 9 51,187
Durham Public Schools N/A 5/8/2018 N/A 4 4 7 34,023
Gaston County Schools N/A 11/6/2018 N/A 4 5 9 32,091
Guilford County Schools 5/8/2018 11/6/2018 N/A 4 5 9 73,151
Johnston County Schools 5/8/2018 11/6/2018 N/A 4 3 7 34,857
Union County Public Schools 5/8/2018 11/6/2018 N/A 4 4 9 42,199
Wake County Public School System N/A 11/6/2018 N/A 4 2 9 157,839
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools 5/8/2018 11/6/2018 N/A 4 9 9 54,984

Municipal Elections: