Illinois Elections

for 2020

General election is on Nov. 03, 201818.

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Voter Registration Deadline

  • In-Person: Election Day
  • By Mail: 28 days before Election Day.
  • Online: 28 days before Election Day.
Early voting begins 15 days before Election Day and ends 3 days before election day.

Federal Level

President: There is NO candidate running for president in 2018

Senator: There is NO candidate running for the senate in 2018.

US Congress: There are 18 US House of Representatives race in 2018.

The Democratic candidates running for the House are:

District 1Bobby Rush; District 2:Robin Kelly; District 3:Daniel Lipinski ; DIstrict 4:Jesus Garcia; District5:Mike Quigley; District 6:Sean Casten; District 7:Danny K. Davis; DIstrict 8:Raja Krishnamoorthi; District9:Janice Schakowsky; District 10:Brad Schneider;District 11:Bill Foster; District 12: Brendan Kelly; DIstrict 13:Sen. Dick Durbin ; DIstrict 14:Lauren Underwood; District 15:Kevin Gaither; District 16:Sara Dady; District 17:Cheri Bustos; DIstrict 18:Junius Rodriguez .

State Level

State Executive Level
The Democratic candidate running for Governor is J.B. Pritzker,

The Democratic candidate running for Attorney General is Kwame Raoul,

The Democratic candidate running for  Sec. of State is Jesse White , Treasurer, and Controller in 2018.

State Congressional Level

Please cast your vote for the Democratic candidate for your state Senate and State House seats

State Senate:
All 39 of the 59 Senate seats are up for election in 2018. The democratic candidates are:

Dist. 2:Omar Aquino (I); Dist.3:Mattie Hunter (I); Dist.5:Patricia Van Pelt (I); Dist. 6:John Cullerton (I); Dust.8:Ram Villivalam; Dist. 9:Laura Fine; Dist. 11:Martin Sandoval (I); Dist.12:Steve Landek (I); Dist 14:Emil Jones (I); Dist. 15:Napoleon Harris (I); Dist. 17:Donne Trotter (I); Dist. 18:Bill Cunningham (I); Dist. 20:Iris Martinez (I); Dist. 21:Laura Ellman; Dist. 23:Tom Cullerton (I); Dist. 24:Suzanne Glowiak; Dist. 26:Tom Georges; Dist. 27:Ann Gillespie; Dist. 29:Julie Morrison (I); Dist. 30:Terry Link (I); Dist32:Mary Mahady; Dist 33:Nancy Zettler; Dist. 36:Gregg Johnson; Dist. 38:Heidi Henry; Dist. 39:Don Harmon (I);Dist. 41:Bridget Fitzgerald; Dist. 42:Linda Holmes (I); Dist. 45:David Simpson; Dist. 48:Andy Manar (I); Dist. 56:Rachelle Aud Crowe; Dist. 57:Christopher Belt

State House of Representives:
All 118 House seats are up for election in 2018, please vote for the Democratic candidate.

Supreme Court Judge:
Anne M. Burke is the only judge of the 5 Supreme Court judges up for re-election. She is a Democrat.

Appellate Court Judge:
Five of the 42 Appellate Court judges are up for reelection.

Kevin Hoerner from the 5th district is the only Democrat that is running.

State Ballot Measures:
There are No ballot measure on the ballot in 2018

Municipal Level:

  • Cook County, Illinois – County commission president, county commissioner, county assessor, county clerk, county sheriff, county treasurer, county board of review commissioner, circuit court judgeships, and subcircuit court judgeships