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Your Vote Matters
November 8, 2016 Elections           
At all
level of government, decisions have to be made. There is a budge available that
has to be balance by what is needed. Based on those available resources and who
is distributing those resources; voting/not voting affects, which streets will
be repaved; parks, highways, hospitals that will be built; school gyms will be
updated, and/or any services that its citizen of that community might need. If
you are not at the table, then your wishes might not be heard. All of these
decisions are made by an elected official or by an elected official appointee. Not
to get left out, then make your voice heard.
representative(s) has to know your needs and concerns and if he/she does not
look after your needs then they don’t deserve your support.
Today, we
are voting during the presidential elections but it is very important that we
vote during all elections. Not voting and participating in the election process
is why you only have a choice of 2 candidates to choose from. The weeding of
these candidates has already taken place at the primary levels.
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