Georgia Election

for 2018

General election is November 06, 2018.

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To Register to Vote online, you’ll need a Georgia driver’s license or state-issued ID card, with a signature on file with the GA Department of Driver Services (DDS).

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Last day to register is

  • In-Person: 29 days before Election Day
  • By Mail: 28 days before Election Day
  • Online: 30 days before Election Day

Early voting start and end times vary by county. Contact your Local Election Office to learn more about early voting in your area.

Federal Level

President: There is NO candidate running for president in 2018.

Senator: There is NO candidate running for the senate in 2018.

US Congress: There are 14 districts in Georgia. The Democratic candidates running are:

Dist.1Lisa Ring; Dist. 2Sanford Bishop Jr. (I); Dist. 3Chuck Enderlin; Dist. 4Hank Johnson (I); Dist. 5 John Lewis(I); Dist. 6 (run-off) Lucy McBath and Kevin Abel Dist. 7 (run-off)Carolyn Bourdeaux and  David Kim ; Dist. 8 NA; Dist. 9 Josh McCall; Dist. 10 Tabitha Johnson-Green; Dist. 11 Flynn Broady Jr.; Dist. 12Francys Johnson; Dist. 13 David Scott(I).

Find your congressional district.

State Level:

Executive: There are Democratic candidates that are running for Georgia’s Executive offices are:

Governor candidates is: Stacey Abrams.

Lt. Governor candidates are: Sarah Riggs Amico

Attorney General is Charlie Bailey.

Sectary of State is Former Rep. John Barrow

State legislative elections

State Congress: The state congressional candidates are not listed at this time because the deadline for filing is March9th. Please return to this site after that day

To check your senate and the house district. Enter your address, then select from district type.

Georgia’s State Senate election:

All 56 state senate seats  are up for election in 2018. The democratic candidates are:

Dist.1Sandra Workman; Dist. 2Lester Jackson (I); Dist. 3Jerrold Dagen; Dist.5Sheikh Rahman; Dist. 6Jen Jordan (I); Dist.9Cheryle Moses; Dist.10Emanuel Jones (I); Dist. 12 Freddie Sims (I); Dist.14Rachel Kinsey; Dist.15Ed Harbison (I); Dist. 16 Bill Lightle; Dist. 17 Phyllis Hatcher; Dist. 21Nicole Nash; Dist. 22 Harold V. Jones II (I); Dist.26 David E. Lucas Sr. (I); Dist. 27Steve Smith; Dist.29 Valerie Haskins; Dist.32 Christine Triebsch; Dist.33 Michael A. Rhett (I); Dist.34Valencia Seay (I); Dist.35Donzella James (I); Dist. 36 Nan Orrock (I); Dist. 37 Andy Clark; Dist.38 Horacena Tate (I); Dist. 39Nikema Williams (I) ; Dist. 40 Sally Harrell; District 41 Steve Henson (I); Dist. 42 Elena Parent (I); Dist. 43Tonya Anderson (I); Dist.44Gail Davenport (I); Dist.45 Jana Rodgers; Dist.46 Marisue Hilliard; Dist.47 Dawn Johnson; Dist.48 Zahra Karinshak.

Georgia’s State House of Representative election:

All 180 seats of the  State House seats are up for election. Please vote for the Democratic candidate, if there is one.

Supreme Court elections: Vote for Harold Melton

Ballot Measures:

On the ballot

Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Distribution of Sales Tax Revenue from School District Referendums Amendment Education Allows a school district or multiple districts with a majority of students within a county to call for a county sales tax referendum
LRCA Forest Land Conservation and Timberland Properties Amendment Natural Resources Revises method for determining market value of forest land and creates a timberland property class
LRCA Marsy’s Law Crime Victim Rights Amendment Law Enforcement Adds rights of crime victims to state constitution
LRCA Georgia State Business Court Amendment State judiciary Creates a business court and establishes procedures and rules for judicial selection, term length, and qualifications
LRCA Revenue from Outdoor Recreation Equipment Sales Tax Dedicated to Land Conservation Fund Amendment Budgets and Environment Creates a land conservation trust fund with 0.75 percent of revenue from sales and use taxes on outdoor recreation equipment


School Board Elections:

2018 Georgia School Board Elections
District Primary Election General Election Runoff Election Regular term length Seats up for election Total board seats 2015-16 enrollment
Cherokee County School District* 5/22/2018 11/6/2018 12/4/2018 4 4 7 41,291
Clayton County Public Schools* 5/22/2018 11/6/2018 12/4/2018 4 4 9 54,136
Cobb County School District * 5/22/2018 11/6/2018 12/4/2018 4 3 7 112,708
DeKalb County School District N/A 5/22/2018 7/24/2018 4 3 7 101,389
Forsyth County Schools* 5/22/2018 11/6/2018 12/4/2018 4 2 5 44,286
Fulton County Schools N/A 5/22/2018 7/24/2018 4 4 7 95,641
Gwinnett County Public Schools* 5/22/2018 11/6/2018 12/4/2018 4 2 5 176,052
Henry County Schools N/A 5/22/2018 7/24/2018 4 2 5 41,820
Muscogee County School District N/A 5/22/2018 7/24/2018 4 5 9 31,899
Savannah-Chatham County Public School System N/A 5/22/2018 7/24/2018 4 5 9 38,323

*These Georgia school districts hold partisan elections. If necessary, these districts may schedule a primary election on May 22, 2018, a primary runoff election on July 24, 2018, and/or a general runoff election on December 4, 2018.


Municipal Elections: General elections on Nov. 6th.

DeKalb County, Georgia – County commissioner and county board of education members

Fulton County, Georgia – County commissioner