Arkansas Elections

for 2020

Statewide election dates

March 3, 2020: Primary
March 31, 2020: Primary runoff
November 3, 2020: General election

Check your voters registration status and your polling place at Registrant Search.

Where May I Obtain a Voter Registration Application?

  • Your local county clerk.
  • The Arkansas Secretary of State Elections Division: 1-800-482-1127.
  • Local revenue or DMV office.
  • Public library.
  • Disability agency.
  • Military recruitment office.
  • Online Request Form:
  • Print a Form:

Get your Arkansas sample ballot at Vote Arkansas.

Voter’s registration deadline is:

  • In-Person: 30 days before Election Day.
  • By Mail: 30 days before Election Day. If this falls on a Sunday then your voter registration form must be postmarked 29 days before Election Day.
  • Online: N/A

Early voting starts 15 days before a primary or general election and ends at 5 PM on the Monday before Election Day.

Please return to this page after the State wide primary election on March 3, 2020.

Federal Level

US Senator: There are No candidates running for the Senate.

US Congress: US House of Representatives

District 1:Chintan Desai; District 2: Clarke Tucker; District 3: Joshua Mahony; District 4: Hayden Shamel

Which US House district am I in? Check here:

State Level

State Executive:

The Democrat candidates running for executive office are:

Governor: Jared Henderson.Lt. Governor: Anthony Bland; Attorney General: Mike Lee, Sec. of State: Susan Inman

State Senate

The Democrat candidates running for State Senate office are:

District 3:Jon Comstock; District4:Greg Leding;District 5:Jim Wallace; District 10:Larry Teague (I); District 11:Michael Colgrove;District 19: Susi Epperson ;District 24:Keith Ingram (I);District 30:Linda Chesterfield (I); 31:Joyce Elliott (I); District 33:Melissa Fults; District 35:Maureen Skinner

State House of Representatives

Please vote for the Democratic candidates only on November 6th.

All 100 positions are up for election in the State House but many of the seats do not have a democratic candidate running. There are No democratic House seats in the  run-off election on June 19th.

Arkansas Courts elections:

District 3 for Supreme Court is either Courtney Hudson Goodson or David Sterling.

The election will be held on Nov. 06th.

Ballot Measures: Vote NO on the ballot measures listed below.

Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Issue 1 Tort Law Limits attorney’s fee and damages awarded in lawsuits and allows the legislature to amend or repeal the supreme court’s related rules
LRCA Issue 2 Elections Requires a voter photo identification to vote

Municipal Elections: There are NO municipal elections in Arkansas in 2018.

General Election is on Nov. 06, 2018