I call myself a political junkie and want everyone to participate in the electoral process.

And now with so many states purging their Voter Registration Lists in order to disenfranchise voters, especially Black voters, I felt obligated to do something. So I decide to create this website, ViviansVotersGuide.com. If a voter can see if they are registered and if not had time to register then that might help. I also want every voter to participate in all elections, not only Presidential Elections but all elections and for every position and all ballot measures.

I know that the main problem that keeps many of us from participating fully is, first, we don’t know when the election are held. Then, we don’t know the candidates running (except the final two presidential candidates) and you need to be a lawyer to understand the ballot measures, the names are so misleading.

This site will have the following information:
• Registration Status,
• Your Sample Ballot (1-2 months prior to the election),
• Last day to Register to Vote,
• Polling Place,
• Early or Absentee Voting with dates, and
• My choices of whom to support.
I will also post the upcoming election dates at the beginning of each year for each state.

I will give you my choice, which now is the Democratic candidate.

At this time, I only have listed the Federal and State level candidates but if someone would like to assist me or take over their county and municipal candidates from their state that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Vivian Lewis

All comments will be greatly appreciated.

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